Volume 3, 2016

Volume 3, No. 2, 2016

  1. Determinants of NPL growth in Macedonıa
    Miso Nikolov

    Neda Popovska-Kamnar

  2. The relationship between debt and profitability of stock companies in Montenegro
    Ana Lalevic Filipovic

    Selma Demirovic

  3. European enlargement challenges, Western Balkans and the way forward
    Fatmir Besimi

  4. How the planned perversion of democracy generated accelerating inequalities
    Alain Parguez

  5. Fiscal consolidation in Poland and it’s economic consequences after the crisis 2008
    Mateusz Ciepłucha

  6. Transitioning to accrual accounting in the public sector
    Zoran Minovski

    Jesse Hughes
    Aleksandar Kocevski 



Volume 3, No. 1, 2016

    1. Testing for Ricardian Equivalence in Indonesia
      Artidiatun Adji, James Alm

    2. Busıness leadershıp concepts exemplıfıed by the two exceptıonal leaders Danıel Vasella and Rıcardo Semler
      Alexander Betov, Patrick Szillat

    3. Business ethics and social balance empirical evidence
      Ubaldo Comite, Nadia Oliva

    4. The Baltic States join the Eurozone
      Eugenia Martinaityte